Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe Crookston!

Doing rough mixes after 2 days of tracking with Joe Crookston and band. I'm smiling. A lot!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Want to know what Wilburland can do for you? Send me a song to mix or master and I will send you a sample of it back so you can hear for yourself. You’ll love the results!
Hmm, now, where were we? Oh, that's right, more Wilburland news!
Foghat bassist Jeff Howell has been in to spice up and rework some older recordings he did and they sound even better than they did originally, and that's saying something!
My new band crush, The Blind Spots had me master their latest CD “El Camino Dream” and I fell in love instantly. Good songwriting played by a good band and topped by the amazing vocal talents of Maddy Walsh. Go buy this one!
Alan Rose's CD "American Hands" was released with a multi-band extravaganza this summer, including Nick Bullock of Revision, The Fall Creek Brass Band, The Weeping Willards and ending with a new local band called Blow. What a night it was! Alan was smiling a lot that night…
I was asked to go to the Sonic Art Center at the City College of NY to give a talk on recording, owning a recording studio and winning a Grammy. Opportunities to talk with students always reminds me of how much I love what I do!
Dave Davies has been making music in this town for a long time and recently released a 30 year retrospective called “Downstream Where the River Meets The Sea” and wow, what a collection of songs and what a list of players! Thanks Dave!
Blues guitarist Steven Grills had me master a new collection of tunes for him and it was totally easy to polish up the great sounding tracks! Recorded by my friend Bob Potter, you should go find this CD!
Elmira's Gary Lash has been coming to Wilburland for a long time, and I love it. Gary spends way too much time in his room with a 4 track cassette recorder and brings me really weird but wonderful stuff to overdub and mix. Keep them coming Gary!
The Sim Redmond Band brought me new tracks to master, and yes, it was a piece of cake because the songs and mixes are awesome! The CD is called “Open The Door “and it should be on your IPod right now!
Laurie Hart and Stefhan Ohlström have been in a lot working on a cool CD of Swedish fiddle tunes called Scandinavian Fiddle Tradition. I love projects with super talent and interesting instruments and foreign music. Traditional regional tunes with fiddle, viola, and nyckelharpa, and oh yes, hurdy gurdy!
Wilburland was taken over by a film mix for the independent film Vito Bonofacci. 6 days later it looks and sounds awesome! Music for film is totally different than music for listening because no matter what, it's all about the picture and dialog. An interesting and wonderful challenge for sure!
Syracuse's 2 Hour Delay rocked their way through Wilburland and left quite an imprint! Led by singer/acoustic guitarist Tim Burns these guys have become one of my favorite projects this year. Really good songs, passionate vocals and some awesome electric guitar work. We're almost done!
Elmira College's Chiclettes came in for more a cappella madness! Big fun!
Also from Elmira College, the, uh, gentlemen of A1 and The Sauce made a 4 song demo recording!
George Mann will soon earn a plaque on the wall in the front bedroom for practically living here this past year. He released not only a benefit CD for veterans but also his own solo release “Songs For Jules and Bruce”. Check it out. It's good!
My other band crush this year is Mignarda. What can I say? Ron Andrico and Donna Stewart have captured my heart. They play early music for voice and lute and the depth and emotion in their playing is nearly overwhelming. I have learned a lot from them and we've made some stunning recordings together, most recently the incredible CD “harmonia caelestis”. You need to hear this. It will change you...
Regina O' Brien is proud to announce that she has finally released her second CD “Switchyard Lullabye”! Hooray!
Jimkata came in with producer Matt Saccuccimorano for recording and mixing their terrific new CD “Ghosts & Killers”. Don't be scared, just go buy it!
Mortal Combine are working slowly on finishing touches for their really good new CD of excellent roots rock tunes. I love this CD already and can't wait to finish it up!
Contradance mother/daughter team Confluence finished up mixing a bunch of kickin' dance tunes with the playful piano of mother, Barbara Dyskant  and the amazing flute of daughter Nadine! Super nice stuff for your listening and dancing pleasure!
I've totally loved working with Mary Lorson on past projects but when I heard about her new band Mary Brett Lorson and The Soubrettes I wanted them in here! Well we have basic tracks down for a bunch of songs and me, Mary, Amelia and Leah had a blast! This will be good…
Laurie Hart came back in to record more Scandinavian fiddle tunes with Andrew Van Norstrand on guitar and bouzouki. Two of my favorite players in the same room! Um, wow!
IC trumpet professor Frank Campos dropped in to start work on an interesting recording where he plays single line versions of songs we all know, on trumpet! Cool, for sure!
Who knew that former Donna The Buffalo drummer Tom Gilbert was also a rocking guitarist? Well I know now because he came in to record some music for his upcoming web based fishing show. Way too much fun!
Horse Flies percussionist Taki Masuko brought longtime musical partner/jazz pianist Claire Ritter to Wilburland to overdub banjo and accordion tracks with fellow Horse Flies Richie Stearns and Rick Hansen. Do I need to tell you how it went?
I hooked classically trained vocalist Rebecca Leistikow up with multi-instrumentalist genius Dana Billings and the three of us recorded and mixed 3 awesome quirly pop songs of hers in a single afternoon. Think early Kate Bush/Joanna Newsome. Super fun! Real talent makes for awesome music!
Krystal City Crackdown spent the weekend rocking the heck outta the place and left with a sweet sounding demo! 
Award winning and just generally amazing Joe Crookston will return to Wilburland soon to begin tracking for a new CD! This time he's bringing a band!
And last but certainly not least the fine gentlemen of the Delaney Brothers Bluegrass will return to Wilburland to record their third CD with me and I can't wait!
If I may quote my friend Patti Witten again, Thanks for reading all the way down to HERE!